happy raksha bandhan wishes quotes hindi

{ Raksha Bandhan Messages, Rakhi SMS for Brothers in Hindi, English}- Hello guys, Wish you a Happy Raksha Bandhan, you must be loving our posts and getting a charge out of a great deal and share this wishes to your family, relatives and friends, copy these messages and send these to your relatives and companions to wish them Happy Raksha Bandhan
Here we are providing you the Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS, Messages for your brother. Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu celebration that commends the adoration and obligation in the middle of brother and sisters also celebrates in the cousins brothers & Sisters; the celebration is likewise famously used to celebrates any sibling sister like relationship in the middle of sister and brother who are relatives or organically inconsequential. So please share this beautiful messages with your dear brother, here we are providing you the Happy Raksha Bandhan Messages, SMS for brother in Hindi & English as follow.
happy raksha bandhan wishes quotes hindi
happy raksha bandhan wishes quotes hindi

Raksha Bandhan aka Rakhi Poornima is a Hindu festival.
This event has known as truth sibling adoration and obligation about his sisters.
Raksha Bandhan is also called as Rakhi Poornima, many people’s are use to calls as Rakhi Poornima.
The Raksha Bandhan Celebration is performed in many other religions like Sikh, Jain, Panjabi, Bangali and many others.
Many individuals who are in different counties however fit in with India they likewise praise this day.
This event has many historical stories are connected to Raksha Bandhan celebration.
This day celebration is in Shravana month of Hindu calendar and Rakhi poornima is performed on Shravan full moon means exactly after 15 days after Aashad Amavasya.
Raksha Bandhan means in Sanskrit language is “the tie or bunch of assurance” and yes this is the really importance of this celebration.
The bro promise to secure his sis and sister gives him cherish.
Real as well as cousin sibling are likewise get love from their sisters.
So celebrates this day with wonderful Raksha Bandhan Messages and Quotes wishes of Rakhi Paurnima in our implied header.

Happy Raksha Bandhan Messages For Brother in Hindi, Rakhi Wishes

फूलों का तारों का सबका कहना है;
एक हजारों में मेरी बहना है;
सारी उमर हमें संग रहना है;
रक्षा बंधन का हार्दिक अभिनन्दन!

Kaamyabi tumhare kadam chume,
Khushiyan tumhare charo aur ho,
Par bhagwan se itni prarthana karne ke liye,
tum mujhe kuch to commission do!
To my extremely lovable (but kanjoos) brother…
Just kidding as always.
“Happy Raksha Bandhan.”

Raksha Bandhan hey pyaara saa tyohar,
Joh laaye jeevan meh khushiya aur pyar,
Aapki shari dost aaye aapke dvaar,
Leke rakhi aur dher shara pyar,
Karo hamaari shubhakamanaaye shvikar.

Lal gulabi rung maih jhum rahan sanshar,
Surajh ki rosani aur khushiyo ki bahar,
Chaand ki chandni aurh apnoh kaa pyaar,
Badhae h0n aapko yeh Rakhi kaa tyowhar.

Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS For Brother in English, Rakhi SMS

My Dear Brother is one of the most preciouss gifts sent by God.
Have a great Rakhi festival my loving bro.

May this Rakhi brings everything to u and fullfill ur dreams and desire,
May success accompany you in every step that you take in ur Life.
Have a Wonderful Rakhi

Today is Rakhi…& 
I really wish u were here 2 tie the rakhi 4 me…
We would have rejoiced dis Occasion together…
But wishing U Happy Rakhi

U are the Best Brother 
I Have and Today i wish for ur long life, 
Happy Rakhi

Happy Raksha Bandhan Messages for Sister

{ Raksha Bandhan Messages for Sister} – On occasion Raksha Bandhan, sisters ties a Rakhi to her dear bro OR Cousin Brother’s wrist as affection, love towards him and brother promise her he will always protect her and being with her.
So we are here to provide you some Happy Raksha Bandhan Messages wishes & Raksha Bandhan SMS for your sister that you can share on social networking sites.
So look out this amazing collectionof Raksha Bandhan Quotes & Messages in our implied article.

Sister is someone who is caring and sharing. 
sister can understand things you never said. 
she can understand pain which is not visible to anyone. 
I love my sister.

God sent in my life a beautiful angel 
in your guise, sister. 
In good times or bad ones, 
you’re ready to extend your help and support. 
Thanks for all you do

It leaves a smile on my face 
when i think of those trifling fights 
we had and suddenly used to make up. 
The memories may fade away with passing time 
but the love we share will only grow. 
Happy Raksha Bandhan, Dear Sister.


नात हे प्रेमच तुझ आणि माझ
हरवलेले ते गोड दिवस , त्यांच्या मधुर आठवणी
आज सार सार आठवलाय
हातातल्या राखी सोबतच .
भाव मनी दाटतोय ..
बंध हे प्रेमाचे नात आहे
ताई तुझ आणि माझ नात जन्मो जन्मीचे आहे

राखी एक प्रेमाचं प्रतीक आहे
राखी एक विश्वास आहे
तुझ्या रक्षणार्थ मी सदैव सज्ज असेन
हाच विश्वास रक्षाबंधनाच्या या पवित्र दिनी मी तुला देऊ इच्छितो

Happy Rakhi Quotes Wishes For Sister

{ Happy Rakhi Quotes Wishes For Sister } –
Holi is colourful,
Deewali is lightful and brightful,
Rakhi has made our relationship PoWERFUL

We gain and lose things everyday.
But trust me on one thing.
You’ll never lose me.
I w!ll always be here.
Happy Raksha Bandhan

I long for the day through
the year that you so ceremoniously
tie rakhi on my wrist and pray for
my well being. Dear sis, I wish that
our bond grows stronger everyday.

There is a little boy inside the man who is my brother …
Oh, how I hated that little boy. And how I love him too.

All for one and one for all
My brother and my friend
What fun we have
The time we share
Brothers ’til the end.

As we grow up, my brothers acted like they didn’t care,
but I always know they looked out for me and were there!

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